A stylish alternative to decrease 500 plastic bags a year on average.

Genius in its simplicity.

So you can refuse plastic IN STYLE.

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Stay Green. Be Seen

  • Made from 100% recycled PET fabrics with Global Recycle Standard Certification

  • Each TOTE SCARF is made using 2.2 PET Bottles and Recycles 97 million*  PET Bottles by 2030

  • Using TOTE Scarf decreases 500 single use plastic bags /person/year and Stops 2.2 billion*  single use bags by 2030 from entering landfills

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Raison d'être

TOTE SCARF is was designed as an alternative to single used bags ensuring our product is for the fashionable and eco-conscious person. 


The TOTE SCARF is an outcome of creators from Astu Eco, a sustainable firm providing earth friendly alternatives for single use plastics. 


Our research showed that people are really keen to decrease single use plastic, but seek an innovative product that does it in style. Here is motivation for you – TOTE SCARF. Refuse single use plastic bag and do so with style. 


Be a part of the sustainable movement, use your TOTE SCARF and decrease your plastic usage today.

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Plastic bags Saved Annually